No matter if you live in the house, use it exclusively as a summer home or rent it out to tourists; cleaning is a chore that many would rather avoid. As part of our management we offer cleaning of both the house and it's surroundings. This can be planned on a regular basis (every Monday), on demand or based on a rental calendar.

  • Complete House Cleaning

  • Linen Dry Cleaned

  • Outdoor areas pressure washed


Since most come to Greece for the weather, a beautiful garden is key to any house here. We want to stay and enjoy this weather by being outside as much as possible. Being outside however, does not mean stay under the sun, cutting branches, racking leaves or mowing the lawn. This is why at MyEcoHome we offer both a regular and irregular gardening service. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Water & Treatment Management

  • Grass mowing & Care

  • Hedging & Pruning

Pool Maintenance

Maintaining a swimming pool requires careful care and requires close monitoring of the chemical levels, PH levels as well as the outdoor temperature, current sunshine intensity and the ammount of time the pump is running in order for it to remain clean and blue while not running at full power or being too full of chemicals. Our experts will help you keep your pool in a perfect condition while keeping the chemical concentration low enough that you will not smell it or see your eyes turn red after every dip.

  • Chemical Sourcing & Application

  • Filter Cleaning & Management

  • Pool vaccuming & netting

Repairs & Maintenance

Nothing is worse than arriving in your holiday home to find that certain things have stopped working and you have to spend your time fixing them instead of enjoying your well deserved rest. This is why at MyEcoHome we take care of any repairs your home may need and will take care of all regular maintenance.

  • Emergency Repairs

  • Annual Appliances & Machinery Maintenance

  • Regular Maintenance Check

Bills Management

Managing Bills if you live abroad can quickly become a hassle, it is far too easy to miss a bill or simply forget about one or another utility. This is why if you choose MyEcoHome management, we will collect bills for you and then inform you by e-mail as well as via our web-platform of your bills due. This way you will never miss a bill and can decide exactly when these should be paid.

  • Bill Collection and information via e-mail / online platform

  • Assistance understanding the bills

  • Payment reminders & performing payments for you

Property Rental

Owning a second house means having twice the costs; luckily enough these costs can easily be offput by putting your villa on rent. Not only will the property pay for its costs, it will also bring in a significant income every year. MyEcoHome is closely affiliated with a specialised company that will be happy to put your villa on rent for you and manage everything.

  • Calendar management

  • Management of the guests

  • Hassle-free solution