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1 . Why MyEcoHome?

We build each house with great care, we live by our moto "Not only Ecological, also Economical". We believe future houses must be as green as possible and we build each property taking great care to keep the initial price low, the impact on the environment minimal and the cost of ownership as low as possible. There environmental and economical impact is not only considered on building, but also on the lifespan of the house.

2 . Are wood constructions as reliable as concrete?

Contrary to popular belief, modern wood constructions are far superior to concrete both in resistance and insulation. Wooden structures can gently ocsilate with an earthquake meaning it will move, but not break, whereas concrete will often crack which in time can cause weaknesses. Our wooden structures are rated 8 on the richter scale, no Earthquake has surpassed this level in Greece since the year 365.

3 . Is your insulation really that good?

The EU energy rating from F to A+ is based on insulation, heating system and overall energy consumption. Our Houses come with an A rating virtually "out of the box", this is because standard concrete houses have to stick insulation materials over the concrete, the wooden structure of our house is insulating on its own and yet we still cover it the same way we would concrete. This means we have twice more isolation in every wall than in a concrete house. If you choose some of our more advanced insulation options, getting up to an A+ rating is almost too easy.

4 . Is solar worth it? Will it work in winter?

Solar Water Boilers are a no-brainer in Greece, 8 or 9 months a year your hot water is 100% free and the cost of the boiler is barely higher than a standard electric boiler while still having an electric boiler included for the winter months. Even with no ecological thought in mind, this makes complete economic sense. Solar Electricity on the other hand is more tricky and requires a case by case analysis. Generally they break even in around 10 to 15 years, we do however strongly recommend them as we do believe in a greener future.

5 . As a foreigner, can I buy property in Crete?

Yes, there are no limitations on EU citizens buying property in Greece, non-EU citizens will have to prove the origin of the funds and invest a minimum of 250,000€ if they wish to obtain a residence permit in the Schengen area along with their property. If you do not wish to reside in greece or already possess a Schengen residence permit, the 250,000€ limit is removed.

6 . Is it dificult to buy property in Greece?

No, the process is quite simple. You should employ an English speaking (or whichever your prefered language) lawyer to change the ownership in your name at the competent authorities. After this there are two ways of signing the contract, either you authorize a lawyer to go to a notary on you behalf, or you appear in person to sign the contract in Greece. In this case the contract will of course be translated word for word in English (or your prefered language).

7 . What are the Taxes and Fees on the purchase of the property?

You should expect 2 fees, your lawyers fee and the notary fees. In Adition their is a property transfer tax on the land and VAT on the construction. All of these fees will be clearly stated and explained when a price offer will be given by MyEcoHome. VAT can of course be compensated if you decide to buy the home using a company.

8 . Are there Financing facilities?

MyEcoHome can put you in contact with several banks which offer financing facilites with repayment over a period of up to twenty years. Though we can help you get such a service and increase your chances of success, we are not the ones setting the terms of the loan and can therefore not give you any information until we jointly talk with the bank.

9 . Can myEcoHome help furnish my property?

Our decorator Gabriela can help you design, furnish and decorate your new home at an impresingly low price.

10 . How can I insure my property?

MyEcoHome does not offer insurance, we can however put you in contact with several large insurance compagnies that operate in Greece

11 . Who looks after my property when I am not in Crete?

MyEcoHome offers a property management service, we will keep a close eye on your property, manage the cleaning, gardening and maintenance. You will be able to manage the service entirely from our website and will be able to track every cent spent.

12 . How can I organise the letting of my property?

MyEcoHome currently only builds properties and does not let them, we are however closely tied to a letting company that will be happy to accomodate you. We will be glad to explain the process and assist you wherever we can.

13 . I am a non-EU citizen, can I live in greece if I buy a house?

If you purchase one or more properties in Greece for a total value of 250,000€ or more you may request a residence permit for you and your family. Your parents, your spouse's parents and any dependant children you may have under the age of 21 should receive (upon approval of Greek authorities) a residence permit granting them the right to live and study in any Schengen EU state. Please note this will not grant any of you the right to work in an EU state, though you will be able to open a company in greece.

14 . Can the residency permit give me the Greek nationality?

If you live in Greece for the majority of the time (more than 6months a year) for 7 years in a row, you can request the Greek nationality, the only other criteria is a Greek language exam.

15 . What happens to the residency permit if I sell the property?

The residency permit is transferable along with the property, this means that if you sell your property you will loose your residency permit, unless you still own more than 250,000€ of property in Greece. If the buyer of your property is a non-EU citizen, the residency permit will be transfered to him in a short period of time (immediately once the government has approved the transfer).

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